If the enterprise is a tree, the culture is the root; The enterprise is a building, the culture is the ground; The enterprise is the body, the culture is the soul. Since the Fuxin Pan Ocean Electronic Company Limited  was established in 1992, it has believed the corporate culture construction needs to insist humanist, to respect the human, to understand the human, to care the human, and to portray the human. Managers focus on improving the quality of their people, promoting the staff`s full scale development, fully arousing staff's enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, and cultivating the potential staff to be more outstanding and diligent.

Fuxin Pan Ocean Electronic Co.,Ltd,not only pays great attention to the development of  the production scale, also pays great attention to the corporate culture`s spreading. “Management of humanist” is also the most important in the management development, the company throughout believes that “No good quality work can be done without thought”. Great attention has been paid to develop staff's innovation and fully arouse staff's initiative and the work enthusiasm (collecting staff draft to publish the internal newspaper "the Pan Ocean Person"; and organizing the staff to train and study regularly;implementing numerous measures like collecting reasonable proposals with prize and so on). The company implements the three fair principles---fair, public, justic to the staff, the talent of whom can improve faster than the weak; provides a platform and an  opportunity for everybody to enable to develop his talents. Meanwhile the good income treatment and welfare make the staff to feel at ease to contribute into the work.